Do Your Research
When you’re looking into how to grow your small business, you need to do market research. This not only lets you better understand your existing customers, but also your potential customers. It’s important to gain insight into your target market and know what their needs are. That way, you can see how your business can grow and change to meet those needs.
Participate in Networking Events

Increasing your brand visibility can help you attract new customers and grow your business. A good way to do this is by attending networking events. Check local professional organizations and don’t be afraid to attend a few events to get the word out about your business.

Extend to New Markets

There’s no question that franchising gives you a chance to increase your customer base. But if your business isn’t franchisable, there are alternatives to franchising, such as expanding your business through exporting.

Who We Are

The choice of contacting experts from the various areas of the compliance perimeter referable to holding companies, equipped with the know-how and professional skills necessary to guarantee a particularly high quality standard of output for the benefit of the associates, allows JTHolding associates to reduce the risk of sanctions and of dealing with the representatives of each subject through dedicated services, such as “the word to the expert”.

Satisfied Customers

Our services


Detailed examination of the various cases and production of pro-veritate opinions. Dedicated assistance and the possibility of meetings at the company.

Word to the Expert

Fundamental rubric of first aid, for the resolution of primary questions and doubts that arise from the daily management of the obligations of the Holding

Communications to Associates

Sending periodic communications by e-mail, containing general information or more specifically regulatory updates.